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Walken and Trump Impressions for Buzzfeed

Aria Inthavong, a journalist and streamer working for Buzzfeed, recently contacted Jason’s Voices in search of Walken and Trump impressions for Buzzfeed Unsolved Network. Aria was recently the target of internet scammers, but they didn’t know what they were in for. Thanks to a growing network of scam busters, including the legendary Jim Browning and Scammer Payback, Aria put together a plan to sting the scammers back! And while it’s awful what these scammers do to thousands of people every year, it sure is entertaining to see and hear Aria in action.

I’m really thankful that Aria chose me to be a part of the finished video, which utilizes my Christopher Walken & Donald Trump impressions as replacement voices of his two scammers. The scammers’ dialogue is nearly verbatim to their actual verbiage during the scam call. This is important to demonstrate the scripts that scammers often use to frighten, threaten, and coerce unsuspecting victims into giving them money. I hope you enjoy it.

~ Jason