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Tom Gulden, Local Jeweler

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a local radio station when I heard several ads back-to-back which all featured the business proprietor voicing their own commercials.  I’m not saying it’s always a bad idea – but these ads made me laugh out loud (for the wrong reasons).  I wondered if I could do the same thing.  Not for Jason’s Voices, but for a fictional jewelry store.  A store run by a character who literally records his ads as “stream of consciousness”.  Tom Gulden, Local Jeweler, was born.

Here are five sets of three commercials each – recorded in a single take (for the most part), completely unscripted.  They’re for entertainment purposes only, any similarity to any real persons (living or deceased) is purely coincidental.

Local Jeweler, Tom Gulden – He’s got DIAMONDS!

Local Jeweler, Tom Gulden – New Years Day DEAL!

Local Jeweler, Tom Gulden – He does IMPROV!

Local Jeweler, Tom Gulden – ESCAPE EXTRAVAGANZA!

Local Jeweler, Tom Gulden – Spring DEALS!