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Late last year, I had the good fortune to connect with filmmaker Aharon Rabinowitz, the head of marketing for the visual effects software company, Red Giant.  If you make films or work in video production, you’re probably familiar with Red Giant.  Their software and training products for motion design and visual effects are in use from web content creation, to commercial production, and throughout the motion picture industry.  It was connecting with Aharon which led to my role in Hewlogram.

When I was a little boy in the 1980’s, television programming latched onto the special-effects technology of the time and brought us short-lived, effects-heavy shows like Manimal, The Misfits of Science, and Automan.  While each of those shows only survived a single season, the show Knight Rider would be successful enough with only four seasons to be remembered as a benchmark in 80’s television history.  Still, I remember with great fondness, even the least popular of the 80’s soft sci-fi series.

That’s why when Aharon asked if I was interested in playing a part in Hewlogram, I jumped at it!

In my opinion, Hewlogram pays homage to those same shows, as well as the production effects they’re known for.  Plus, it stars actor David Hewlett (Stargate: Atlantis, The Shape of Water, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) along with creator Aharon Rabinowitz, and they’re both freaking awesome.  You’ll not see me on screen, but you’ll hear my contribution after the requisite “80’s buddy-cop action montage” at about four minutes in.

And that’s what I can do for your project.  If you need a voice over that emulates a style (film trailer voice, age/dialect specific, or evocation of an existing narrative style) I’m always eager to discuss how I can add to your upcoming project.  If it’s a web content project, a podcast introduction, or a voicemail greeting…   If you need a specific voice, I’m eager to discuss your project and spring into action.