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Randy Newman Impression

I’m a Randy Newman fan.  According to the documentary, “I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman“, that makes me fan number 70,001 (give or take, considering Randy Newman fan lifespans are at the national average).  So, it makes sense that a guy like me would do a Randy Newman impression.

During episodes of the web series “Beer & Board Games”, typically after a couple of beers, I will occasionally burst into an exaggerated Randy Newman impression.  My favorite of those moments can be found in the “Justin Bieber: Backstage Pass” episode (cued right up to the beginning of the bit, just for you – after the Biz Markie piece).  That improvised impression became a hit among the fans of the series, and subsequently led to a new pilot, created with Game Society Pimps!

It’s entirely ridiculous, silly, and borderline stupid – but the lyrics were entirely improvised in the initial audio recording.  I’m still not expecting any Grammy Awards.

I’m not sure where we’ll go from here.  If the response is overwhelming, maybe we’ll do a variety of game/song collections.  Even if it’s “one and done”, it was a lot of fun, and it still makes me laugh (especially that sneeze).