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Paul Harvey Soundalike – So God Made a Biker

I recently recorded another new Paul Harvey Soundalike – So God Made a Biker for a personal project by John “River Badger” Grisa. It’s a familiar style, and one that I’ve been emulating for a very long time.

My earliest memory of Paul Harvey is of me, sitting at my grandparents kitchen table, while their old countertop radio played our small town station’s noon news. Paul Harvey’s “News and Comment” segment ran at 12:06pm, and we’d eat lunch while listening to him. At some point, I found myself working at that small town radio station, and my job was to capture/record Paul’s audio from the satellite feed (pre-internet, ya’ll) and make sure it was ready to run at 12:06.

It didn’t take me long to work out my Paul Harvey impression. Maybe a few days. But, I’d learn quickly that a Paul Harvey impersonation wasn’t really “in demand” in 1994 – so I just kept it to myself.

Years later, when I began offering my celebrity soundalike services, there still wasn’t much of a demand for Paul Harvey. Mostly, anniversary or personal tribute video narration (much of it my neck of the woods, as Paul Harvey was very well known across the Midwest). It wasn’t until 2013, when Ram ran the Paul Harvey “So God Made a Farmer” commercial, that I saw a huge boost in demand for his style/cadence and vibe in voice overs. That has continued to this day. I’ve produced the VO for “So God Made a Gamer” shortly after, and “So God Made a Hockey Mom” a few years later. There have been other personal-use pieces, but these are some of my favorites.

If you’re putting together a piece that requires a similar vibe, reach out and let’s talk. I’ve got decades of experience producing voice overs, and I look forward to working with you.