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Dungeons and Dragons Voice Actor

I’m a voice artist who prides himself on his range. I have matched dozens of actor’s voices, replacing dialogue in countless film trailers over the last decade, and my voice has appeared on the Tonight Show almost a dozen times. I’ve played the role of hero and villain on HBO promos and I’ve narrated documentaries and tributes. I’ve been cast as just about everything, including an Old El Paso tortilla bowl. To say I’m a Dungeons & Dragons voice actor is totally accurate too.

I’ve been asked a lot how I started this line of work. When did I begin “doing voices”, impressions, or celebrity impersonation? While it all started when I was just a kid, my skill at pretending to be someone else really blossomed when I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1993. Back then, the table top role playing game landscape wasn’t anywhere as popular as it is today. There was no YouTube or Twitch, no social media. There were local gaming stores and groups of friends like mine who got together in our parents basements to play a game we loved. I literally started my career as a Dungeons & Dragons voice actor.

The landscape has really changed in the last 25 years. I was just at GaryCon in Lake Geneva, WI, where I bumped into Vince Vaughn at the registration counter. There are a lot of contemporary actors, like Joe Manganiello and Vin Diesel, who have loved playing D&D and other table top role playing games for decades. Podcasts and livestreams of celebrities playing Dungeons & Dragons have been around for years. The folks who create the game rules and literally write the books are some of the most popular streamers in the TTRPG space.

The Rated RPG Podcast: The Valley of Green Gold

Just before the pandemic kicked our collective butts, I began an podcast with some of my best friends, in which we would livestream our D&D game and then edit the audio of those streams into hour-long podcast episodes. The Rated RPG Podcast started with a published adventure, “Descent Into Avernus”, which (thanks to a sporadic schedule) took us three years to complete. We learned from our missteps, we considered our strategy, and in late January 2023, we began “Season 2” of Rated RPG.

The Rated RPG Podcast: The Valley of Green Gold is only two months (and ten episodes) in, but it’s starting strong. We’ve got record numbers of downloads and kudos from fans around the world. I’m the Game Master, or Dungeon Master, if you will – so my responsibility includes finding distinct personalities and voices for the dozens of non-player characters in the adventure. You’ll find that our capacity to convey emotion is really wonderful – and as the series continues, I’ll be sharing more of my voices. If you like story-driven radio dramas and fantasy adventures (with dice rolls), then I think you’ll love Rated RPG.

The popularity of D&D and TTRPGs in general seems to be continuing. With the release of the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves film, has come new opportunities for voice matching for the promotion of the movie as well. Chris Pine (who plays the lead in the film), happens to match up nicely with my natural tone. Its a great time to be a fan of the genre, but it’s always been the perfect time to play games with friends.