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NFL Hard Knocks Parody

For 13 seasons, the NFL Films/HBO series Hard Knocks has given fans a look inside the personal lives of players and coaches during training camp.  And for most of those seasons, the familiar voice of Liev Schreiber has narrated the series (the sole exception being 2007, which featured Paul Rudd, a Kansas City Chiefs fan).  An NFL Hard Knocks parody was due.

Photo: Sandro Schuh

I love Liev’s narration style.  He’s done a ton of documentaries and PBS series narration, so his voice is familiar to many.  The first time I tried to match him, it was for some movie trailer ADR for his film The Fifth Wave, but aside from the occasional request to provide VO in a similar vein to his style, his style is not one that I’ve had much experience producing.

A couple of weeks ago, an audition from the NFL crossed my path.  They were looking for a flat-out “Liev Schreiber soundalike” for a parody video.  That’s my dream gig, right there.  Official, parody, and a match that is smack dab in my wheelhouse.  It was a really fun session, and it made for a funny piece.

If you like this narration style, or any of my other “sports” voice over demo styles – and would like to hear how this approach might sound in your next corporate training video, internal marketing piece, or personal sports highlight reel, drop me an email.  I’m happy to provide you with an audition or sample, and we can get started!