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Emmy Award Narration Voices

The 70th Creative Arts Emmy Awards took place over the weekend, and while I didn’t win (I wasn’t nominated), I’m a huge fan of one category in particular.  Outstanding Narrator.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash


Sir David Attenborough won for Blue Planet II.  At the age of 92, he’s still not even the oldest nominee.   That would be Carl Reiner (96), nominated for If You’re Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast.  The other nominees in the category included Morgan Freeman (March of the Penguins II), Leiv Schrieber (24/7), and Charles Dance (Savage Planet).

I feel strangely honored to have imitated three of the nominees in a semi-official capacity.  In the style of winner David Attenborough, I worked with Cosmo/Hearst Publications on their Planet Brunch short:

In the style of Leiv Schrieber, I worked with the NFL on their Hard Knocks parody:

And my Morgan Freeman impression has been part of the Tonight Show a few times since 2014:

I’m not claiming to be as talented as the Emmy nominees for outstanding narration – but I dig their voices quite a lot.

If you have a parody project, film ADR, broadcast piece, or an internal corporate presentation that could use a soundalike voice, get in touch with me!