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Day 88 – Paul Giamatti Returns Bananas

Doing 100 celebrity impersonations requires you actually come up with 100 celebrities you can impersonate.  If the impressions are already in your wheelhouse, that’s wonderful.  Unfortunately, my bench is only about 40 deep, and that’s probably a bit generous.  So, how do you come up with sixty imitations out of thin air?  Instead of using your voice, you use your ears.  If I need a voice (and don’t have one), I will run through some vocal warm-ups and listen for a match while trying different styles.  Today, while doing my voice exercises, I heard a hint of Paul Giamatti (a voice I’ve not done prior).  Welcome to Day 88 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project, and my Paul Giamatti impression.

Paul Giamatti returns bananas.