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Day 8 – Paul Harvey Sings David Bowie

American radio icon Paul Harvey may have been one of the first impressions I perfected.  His voice and delivery was one-of-a-kind, and I heard that voice just about every day on the radio in our kitchen when I was a kid.  Even after college, when I got my first job in radio, it was my job to record and cue up the Paul Harvey News & Commentary (and his “Rest of the Story” feature) for airing on the small town station I worked for.  So, you could say I heard is voice a lot – hence the Paul Harvey impression.

Even after his death in 2009, he hit a high point in the public eye – as his “God Made a Farmer” speech was used by Ram Trucks for a successful Superbowl ad in 2014.  That ad sparked more than a few parodies, including my “God Made a Gamer” video.

For day eight of my 100 Voices in 100 Days project, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do – nor who I was going to feature.  But while I was working through emails Wednesday afternoon, I was listening to David Bowie.  One of my favorite Bowie tracks is “Moonage Daydream”, and for whatever reason, when it started playing, I started singing along…  as Paul Harvey.  And so, that’s how I made my decision.

And now you know…
The rest of the story.