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Day 7 – Jean-Claude Van Damme Compliments His Foot

For day seven, I went with my Jean-Claude Van Damme impression.  I’ve used it a bit before, in a project with the creative crew at Iron Heyoka, called Neon Ninja: Vanclod Jandam – but it has become one of my favorite impersonations.  When I was growing up, Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the action film stars whose movies I loved.  I owned (or rented incessantly) a lot of his stuff.  Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Cyborg, Hard Target, Lionheart, Universal Soldier…  All of them.  Pretty awesome.

In 2008, Van Damme starred in JCVD, a film that I really enjoyed, in which he portrayed a fictionalized version of himself (see the trailer here).  With that film, plus Welcome to the Jungle, and the green screen footage he put out for fans to make their own short films “co-starring” the action icon.

Other than that, I’ve really not got much of an explanation here.  This one sort of explains itself.

I reckon it’s what it might sound like if action film legend Jean-Claude Van Damme were to compliment one of his feet.