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Day 62 – Patrick Stewart Drinks a Zima

Before I get to my Patrick Stewart impression, let me explain why I decided rather abruptly (and without fanfare), to take a short break from my 100 Voices project last week.

On Wednesday, I posted Day 61 – Rod Serling Demands and Explanation and made a comment in the post that I felt as though I had phoned it in.  Keep in mind that I’ve been creating a different celebrity voice post every weekday (with only one exception) since March 1st – and on average, it takes me an hour or more to create each episode (record/produce/write/post).  Some days I plan ahead better than others, and my post is quickly created and published before noon.  Other days, it takes me into the evening before my schedule allows for the work to take place.

When I thought about doing a post on Thursday, May 26th, I had a very strong urge to skip it.  With the holiday weekend approaching, I decided I just needed some time not thinking about this every single day.  Instead, I used the extra hour each day to mow the lawn, do some laundry, clean the kitchen, make dinner, hang out with my wife, and play with my kids.  I didn’t receive complaints, nor criticism for pausing the project.  I only heard from a few people who said they missed it – that it had become part of their routine.  That was really nice to hear.

So, after a full week since the last episode, I’m back.  I’ve got the remaining 39 days’ celebrity voices all planned out.  I’ve saved some of the best for last, but there are some pretty cool surprises (and challenging voices for me) in the coming 39 episodes.

Today, one of my favorite voices to do – my Patrick Stewart impression.  And he’s trying that much maligned, citrus-flavored malt beverage from the 1990’s (discontinued in 2008).

Day 62 of the 100 Voices in 100 Days project:  Patrick Stewart drinks a Zima.

Disgusting malt beverage.