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Day 61 – Rod Serling Demands an Explanation

It’s weird to look back at Rod Serling interviews and see him smoking on camera.  That’s the first thing I take away, but there was a lot more to the guy than the four packs a day habit which undoubtedly led to his death by heart attack at the age of 50.  Rod Serling was a visionary, driven by storytelling and the need to push back on a system which he felt killed creativity.  The creator of The Twilight Zone left his mark in a big way – and it’s a mark that continues to influence modern writing, TV and film.  A good friend suggested this voice and premise – and in the spirit of “Yes, and…” I took it on.  My Rod Serling impression is less an impression and more of an interpretation.  It may be the weakest one I’ve done yet.  But with sixty voices down (and almost 40 to go), they’re not all going to be home runs.

If he were alive and in his forties today, he’d probably hate cell phone companies as much as anyone.  So, today’s premise:  Rod Serling demands an explanation of his cell phone bill – was a fun one.