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Day 49 – Gary Sinise Makes a Prank Phone Call

For today’s episode, I present my Gary Sinise impression – as he makes a prank phone call.

Back in my youth, I delighted in making prank phone calls.  I would prank call people I knew, people I didn’t know, my schools, local businesses, and even my own parents!

When I was 12, I called Coca-Cola and told them my dog died after drinking their product (completely fabricated, I had no dog).  I was extra sad and weepy, and said I didn’t know if they could do anything – but that I thought they should know about it.  A month later, I got a letter in the mail from someone at Coke, “We were saddened to hear that you lost your dog…”.  It was so amusing that my oldest brother took the letter to show some guys at school (and lost the letter, way to go).  It had achieved status of my best prank call.

That is until weeks later, when someone from Coke called the number I gave them (why did I give them my number?) and my Mom answered.  They said they wanted to make sure I received their condolences and to see if there was anything else they could offer the grief-stricken boy.  To her credit, my Mom realized what I had done right away.  She didn’t rat me out though.  Instead, she said that the dog was really old and already sick – Their beverages had nothing to do with the dog’s death – her son was just fine, and no further contact would be necessary.

For Day 49, I went back to my roots and reached out to a grocery store (with my Gary Sinise impression) for some good old-fashioned prank callin’ shenanigans.

Nobody got hurt, nobody was upset.  That said, I’m still very sorry Mom.