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Texas Accent

Promo and Documentary Voice Over for TV

Match Your Favorite Voice Style for Any Television or Film Project In recent years, I’ve provided promo and documentary voice over for NBC Sports (…

Promo Voice Over Lone Star Justice

There’s a new sheriff in town!  In the first season of the ID DISCOVERY series Lone Star Justice (premiered on June 5th, 2019), you’ll meet…

Sam Elliott Voice

Sam Elliott Voice

Oct 25 2018

My Sam Elliott impression leans into the richness and depth of tone, Texas accent, authority, and confident wisdom to deliver powerful messages in few words.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Oct 22 2018

In many of Matthew McConaughey’s roles, his speech takes on a wonderful musicality.  The regional/Texas accent, along with his mindfulness in what he’s saying is…