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Promo and Documentary Voice Over for TV

Match Your Favorite Voice Style for Any Television or Film Project

In recent years, I’ve provided promo and documentary voice over for NBC Sports (The Ironman Triathalon), NFL (In the Trenches, Hard Knocks: The Mascots), CBS Sports (A Fighter’s Chance: Patricio Manuel Documentary), the History Channel (Animated Promo), Facebook Gaming (Creator Games), ID Discovery (Lone Star Justice Promo), Warner Bros (Injustice 2 Promo), and more.

I’ve provided documentary narration for sports programming, nature documentaries, and reality TV. I can emulate the tone and vibe of dozens of existing voices and familiar “styles” of narration or promo VO. I’m eager to discuss your project and provide voice samples to compliment your project. My studio schedule is flexible and I’m always taking on new projects.

For production companies working on reality series, online content, or specialty programming, I’ll work with you to provide a consistent vocal approach capturing the feel of the content that resonates with the target audience.

Contact me at any stage in your process and I’ll respond as quickly as possible to get started.