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Retro or Historic Vocal Style

For some voice over projects, you might need to tap into a retro or historic vocal style. Maybe you’re producing a documentary and need specific Theodore Roosevelt quotes or a speech read in his voice, but no recordings of those quotes or speech exists. The good news is that there are recordings of Theodore Roosevelt, and after studying that audio, I can approximate his tone, cadence and speech patterns to provide what you need. And yes, before hearing his actual voice, I assumed he sounded a bit different than this too.

I produced a parody of Winston Churchill several years ago in which he “performed” Cat Stevens. It may not have been historically accurate content, but it was a fun piece to showcase the style.

Perhaps you’re producing multimedia exhibits for a museum or attraction. For period character or narrator audio, I’d look at the time period, vocal affectations, and audio quality needed to capture the overall vibe. Here’s a piece which portrays Robert Ripley of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” fame.  The content is completely made-up in this case, but you get the idea.

For commercial use projects or marketing pieces, I can provide voice over to fit that need too. Like I did for Fit Bike Company and “The Dugan”, taking on the role of a retro control tower character and retro announcer style in the same marketing video.

If you need a retro or historic vocal style, contact me to get started.