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Real Facts From Fake Jeff Goldblum – Ep 5

For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, fake Jeff Goldblum reveals facts about breakfast cereal.  My Jeff Goldblum soundalike is one of my favorite vocal/character styles.  I’ve produced a number of short pieces featuring the impression, including Dungeons & Dragons & Dorks, a short-lived scripted audio series featuring Goldblum as Dungeon Master.  In 2018, I was hired by Twilio to be the voice of a mysterious, unseen AI in a live-experience for their user event SIGNAL, in San Francisco (the voice in question, remarkably similar to Jeff Goldblum).  I’ve come to realize that there’s always a new way to use any vocal style or character.

Episode 5:  Real Breakfast Cereal Facts from Fake Jeff Goldblum

By the way, the new Jeff Goldblum* series “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” is available on Disney+.

*the real Jeff Goldblum