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Real Facts From Fake Tommy Lee Jones – Ep 15

For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, a good friend suggested the topic of the Diva Cup (menstrual cups) – and I thought my Tommy Lee Jones soundalike style would be a nice juxtaposition. I’ve watched a lot of films starring Tommy Lee Jones, but my favorite of his roles is that of Ed Tom Bell in the Cohen brothers’ No Country For Old Men.  There’s something about the fatigue of that character that Tommy Lee Jones plays so well.  So, that’s the approach here.  It’s more of a parody of a Tommy Lee Jones character than a flat-out voice match, and since recording it a few minutes ago, I’ve found myself dipping back into his voice and playing around in a more natural range.  People often ask me how I develop a voice, and that’s how.  I play around with it and try to make it more realistic by sanding off the hard edges.

If you’re looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your upcoming project and finding the right vocal approach to fit.

Episode 15:  Diva Cup facts from Fake Tommy Lee Jones