Professional Soundalike Voices

May 23 2022

If you’re looking for professional soundalike voices for your next project, I’ve got over a decade of experience providing such voice overs for motion pictures, film trailers, and more.

I’ve provided highly accurate celebrity impressions for professionally produced content, like my Morgan Freeman style narration of the Hot Dog Hans series. I’ve narrated for the NFL, impersonating Liev Schreiber’s style for Hard Knocks: The Mascots. David Attenborough is one of my all-time favorite styles to work in, and I produced narration for Cosmopolitan’s Planet Brunch parody. In addition, I’ve provided celebrity style soundalike voice over for wedding slideshows, narrations for corporate training videos, and I still record voicemail greetings regularly.

My celebrity soundalike samples range across dozens of celebrity impressions or soundalikes, including:
Christopher Walken
Jeff Goldblum
Matthew McConaughey
Sam Elliott 
Barack Obama
Liam Neeson 

There are dozens of other celebrity soundalike voices I’ve perfected over years of practice, many used in actual film trailers and dialogue replacement. If you have a need or desire to explore using a celebrity soundalike voice in your next project, get in touch with me and we’ll work out the details!


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