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Obama Best Man Speech – Day 8 – 101 Voices

If you’ve ever had to give a best man speech, you’re probably aware that speaking in public is a popular fear.  Most people are not going to jump at the chance to speak in front of a room of strangers.  Heck, I still feel super anxious when I’m asked to perform in front of a crowd.

But chances are, you will be asked to provide a speech at some point in your life.  A very common instance is the Wedding Speech.  Generally, the Maid of Honor and/or the Best Man will say a few words to profess their love for the couple.  You may have even heard about those which went horribly wrong (perhaps due to over-consumption of alcohol).  Well, that’s where I come in.

I’ve recorded and provided my share of “celebrity themed” wedding speeches.  Unlike a live human being, a recorded speech is going to be relatively stress-free.  You just hire me to record your script, arrange with the DJ to play the file when you give the signal, and then you bask in the entertaining and poignant moment you helped create.  I’ve produced dozens of them.

For Day 8 of the 101 Voices in 101 Days project, I’m dropping some Obama Best Man Speech on ya.  This one is fictional, but contact me if you’d like to explore hiring me to help you out.