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Monday Morgan Message – Trailer Park Boys


I really enjoyed doing the 100 Voices in 100 Days project last year.  This year, my goal was to create more fun stuff on a regular basis.  One of those fun things is the Monday Morgan Message!  The Monday Morgan Message is a weekly recording featuring my Morgan Freeman impersonation.  The goal is to entertain a bit while taking some creative chances and doing some potentially stupid stuff.

Today’s episode pays tribute to the Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys.  If you’re not familiar, Trailer Park Boys is a mockumentary following the misadventures of trailer park residents in Nova Scotia.    One of those residents, a near-sighted guy named Bubbles, is a singer-songwriter.  Today’s episode is me (as Morgan Freeman) narrating/singing that Bubbles classic “Liquor and Whores”.  Thanks to my incredibly talented friend Brandon Jensen, for creating the music.  If you have need for a musician to create or record music for you, get in touch with Brandon.

Again, the subject matter of today’s Monday Morgan Message is of a mature nature.  I didn’t write it.  I barely sing it.  It isn’t an endorsement or statement by or about Morgan Freeman.  It’s just a silly, stupid thing to make you laugh.  Enjoy!