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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Cross one off the old bucket list.  I can now say that my voice was on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  I got to pretend to be Morgan Freeman and made people laugh.  That’s pretty much the best thing ever.

How this transpired is not a particularly interesting story, but I suppose it’s a testament to my speed in responding to a request and delivering on a really great sounding bit of audio.  Quite literally, one minute, I’m recording some narration for use at a young man’s Bar Mitzvah, and then next moment, I get the honor of my work appearing on the Tonight Show.   If I’m not totally mistaken, that’s a similar trajectory of some very cool people who have appeared on the Tonight Show – Buddy Hackett, perhaps.

That old adage that simply showing up is a large part of any success is very true – but being tenacious and putting in the work to get good at something also doesn’t hurt.

If you’re not the Tonight Show, but you have a project that requires a voice over – a character, a specific style of voice, or a particular vibe – I’d be very happy to hear from you to talk about it.