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Jason’s Voices at Coachella

Doing professional voice over work, the incoming projects can vary wildly from day to day (or hour to hour).  Just last week, I recorded narration for a software company’s launch video, detailing their updated accounting and data management software.  Then, moments later, I voiced an introduction for DJ Tom Loud’s Hot Dub Time Machine, which he used in his multiple performances at Coachella.  I love all my work like my very own children, no project is loved more than any other.  It’s just that some are sexier than others.

DJ Tom Loud’s Hot Dub Time Machine in action


Before I continue, I have to confess that had no idea who Tom was, nor could I recall ever hearing of Hot Dub Time Machine prior to this project.  But when I opened his email and went to his website, I was in awe of Tom and what he has created with this show.  He has sold out some of Australia’s biggest theaters, played some enormous festivals there and in the UK, and his show is growing in popularity throughout the rest of the world (thanks to his Coachella shows, especially here in the US).  I couldn’t say YES to his project fast enough.

As with most requests for professional voice services, it started with an email inquiry from my website.  Tom contacted me only 48 hours before he was to perform at Coachella, and I was able to deliver in a matter of hours.  That made us both pretty happy, since I’m a people-pleaser, and he was on the clock.  The piece itself isn’t linked here, because Tom will be using it on his upcoming Australian tour – and it’s ten million times better to hear it at his live show than on my website.  Speaking of which, you can find his May/June Australian tour info, as well as some cool videos of Hot Dub on his website.

But more importantly than selling out tons of shows, Tom is just a really gracious guy to work with.  In my opinion as an entrepreneur, that is the essence of success.  When you make good on your hard work (and I’m sure Tom clocked his 10,000 hours a long time ago), and remain true to who you were on the way there.  I really hope he comes through on a US tour – it looks like an amazing show.