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Impression and Soundalike Special

These are difficult, uncertain times. I wish I could offer more to humanity in these moments, but instead of going to medical school, I built my career around the ability to sound like other people. Unfortunately, the demand for this skill has fallen dramatically as the world of commercial and corporate/event voice over is on-hold for the foreseeable future. I have a professional home studio, I’m healthy and eager to work, and I need to generate some income. So, I’m offering an impression and soundalike special at a price that I’m hoping will be affordable to most people.

What is this, specifically? I’m a vocal impressionist (some call it celebrity impersonation, soundalike, or voice matching) and I’m offering a special price for “personal use” recordings. I’ll record up to 100 words of script in any one vocal style for $15 USD. Most of my impression styles land at 150 words per minute, so 100 words should be around 45 seconds. I have a vast list of celebrities and famous voices that I do impressions of, so you have a lot of choices. My typical rate for such a thing is $50 USD, but we’re not under typical circumstances.

What does “personal use” mean? Essentially, anything that is for another person to enjoy for the sake of entertainment. It can be a birthday greeting, a personal voicemail greeting, a ringtone or alarm tone, a special message to a loved one, a joke, a holiday greeting, a stupid bit that your friends do around one another, or anything that isn’t being used for a corporate entity, marketing a product/service, or other business usage. If you’re not sure, we can discuss your idea and decide then.

Okay… But like, this seems like poor timing. Absolutely true. It’s horrible timing to ask anyone to pay me money in exchange for a recording of me pretending that I’m someone else. But, nonetheless, here we are. I want to support my family and local community, and this is my best means by which to do it.

So how does this work? Here’s how this works:

  1. You send me a personal-use* script of no more than 100 words. Use my contact form!
  2. I’ll email you back! I’ll ask any questions I might have about your script and tie up any loose ends about context, pronunciation, etc… and let you know when you should be receiving your audio.
  3. When questions are answered and we’re ready to record, I’ll email you an electronic invoice for $15 USD that you can pay online.
  4. After payment is made, I’ll deliver a professional recording** of that script in the vocal impression we’ve agreed upon, at my earliest convenience***.

“Personal-use” meaning that it is meant for the enjoyment or entertainment of a person or persons – and not in any way promoting or marketing a corporate entity, commercial business, professional endeavor, religious institution, political campaign/committee, or similar organization as per my own interpretation of such

** “Professional recording” meaning that I record all my work in a professional studio with professional equipment, and will deliver this particular audio file as a fully-edited .mp3 (192Kbps, 44100 Hz, mono, 24 bit).

*** While my current turnaround time for projects of this nature is within 24-48 hours, the volume of requests may require longer timelines. I will communicate those timelines accordingly.

Since I have to pay before I get the audio, will you send me a sample? I have samples of my most popular vocal impressions on my website, but if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, please ask and I’ll send a sample or link. Unfortunately, I can’t provide custom sample recordings of your actual scripting for this offer.

What if I pay you, receive the audio, but don’t like it? It’s rare, but if you should receive your purchased audio and have any issues with the overall sound of the impression (or any issue with pronunciation, pacing, inflections, etc…), I’ll do my best to adjust at your direction, and remedy those concerns – re-recording the original script at no additional cost.

So there you go. The impression and soundalike special. $15 for 100 words, any vocal impression I can do, personal-use only.

And here’s to brighter days ahead.