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High School Marching Band Voices

Over the last several years, I’ve been fortunate to have built wonderful relationships with numerous high school marching band directors and percussion ensembles from around the country. To be specific, these relationships are not the result of me possessing wicked, unparalleled skills on the saxophone, the likes of which are only seen once in generation. Nope. And even if I did have such talent on the saxophone, I’m well beyond my high school years. Thankfully there’s one activity I haven’t aged out of: providing voice narration and dialogue for high school marching band competition programs. Of the marching band competition programs I’ve been involved with, I’ve done everything from reenacting bits of a speech from a historical figure to providing dialogue for a character in the group’s program.

Check out this video to see how Bourbon County High School’s marching band put my voice narration skills to use for their program, “Paradise Lost”. Directed by Michael Stone, this performance earned first prize at the 2018 Bands of America Class A National Championships.