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Game Society Pimps

I’m really glad that I get to do fun stuff with my friends.  I think more than anything, that’s what makes my job a real dream gig.  Aaron, Emre and Adam (Game Society Pimps) have been graciously collaborating with me on videos for a long time – somewhere in the neighborhood of five years – and through their partnership with content giant, Machinima, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had millions of people see (and hear) my work.

You’ll find some links to some of these videos under my celebrity voices pages – and you can always search YouTube for “Christopher Walkenthrough” to find them all.

With every new Game Society Pimps video I’m in, I welcome over ten thousand new visitors to my website over the first few days it’s up.  The new video “Morgan Freeman Narrates South Park: The Stick of Truth” just posted today in two parts.


Part One via Machinima, and Part Two via the Game Society Pimps YouTube channel.  If you haven’t subscribed to them, but you love the Walkenthroughs and other stuff I’m a part of, please subscribe to them (here) and like them on Facebook (here).

And of course, the videos are here as well (warning: these videos contain a magnitude of vulgarity and offensive content that you might not even expect from the creators of South ParkNSFW and some homes)

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be hanging out with the Game Society Pimps and playing Titanfall (well, Emre or Aaron will be playing the game, I’ll be talking to the other players while game play commences).  Who will I be?  Subscribe to the GSP and you’ll find out 🙂

And thanks for enjoying my work!

~ Jason