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Day 90 – Mike Goldberg Announces a Chinese Buffet

I’ve been a MMA (and UFC) fan for a very long time – since before Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg became the stalwart voices running play-by-play and color commentary for most UFC events.  That said, I’ve heard their voices a LOT.

Until a few minutes ago, I didn’t have a Mike Goldberg impression though.  I just never thought to try.  But after running through a few potential voices for today’s episode, I went over a few celebrities I had written down as potential voices.  One of those celebs was Joe Rogan – but I just couldn’t dial him in tonight.  That led me to try Mike.

If you’re not familiar, it’s easy to find clips of Mike online.  Or you can just take my word for it.

Day 90: UFC commentator Mike Goldberg announces a Chinese buffet.