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Day 24 – William H Macy is No Good at Paint By Numbers

Today’s episode features a voice I’ve not really done before – but as luck would have it, I think my William H. Macy impression is pretty darn good.  His voice is just a tad higher register than my natural tone – and his nuances are pretty similar to some of my own.  Thanks to my friend and fellow voice actor, Karen Moeller, for the suggestion!  I mean, who hasn’t had a problem with paint-by-numbers?  Most of us.  Well, in this case, suspend your disbelief.

I’m almost a quarter of the way to 100 days, and I think I’m hitting a bit of a creative wall.  When I started the 100 Voices in 100 Days project, I had a pretty solid plan for a few days (plus a few days out).  I used Twitter polls and asked my Facebook friends to determine scenarios – but by and large, the voices were all locked down a few days in advance.  Well, as things got a bit busy, I stopped planning and relied more on improvising.  This wasn’t ideal, as some of the most recent voices are getting posted later and later in the day (I was originally posting at midnight or 6:00AM), and I’m feeling like some of the newer voices aren’t quite as accurate as they could be.

So, next week will be planned out a bit more – and I intend to spend a bit more time polishing them up before posting.  It’s a challenge, but one which is turning out to be a lot of fun.