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Day 14 – Tommy Lee Jones Dares a Ghost to Fight Him

Part of the challenge in doing 100 voices in 100 days, is that I’m trying a lot of new voices in addition to those I’m comfortable and practiced with.  My Tommy Lee Jones impression would fit into that “new voice” category.  I actually didn’t even have him on my list of potential voices until two days ago.  I was riffing with some friends and someone made a Volcano reference.  I yelled something that I imagined Tommy Lee Jones’ character might have said, and there was a laugh.  So, I immediately put him on the list – then, I immediately scheduled him for today.  With zero practice, outside of the goofy line I yelled two days ago.

I asked my Twitter followers which premise they’d want to hear from Tommy Lee Jones:
A) his soup is too hot
B) dares a ghost to a fight
C) describes Winnie the Pooh

I’ll admit, I would have loved any of them (especially “C”), but Tommy Lee Jones dares a ghost to a fight was the winner.  So, I jumped in the recording booth, dug into a couple of clips from his films, and hit record.  It ain’t perfect, but I loved the challenge.