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Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls TV – “Caliente”

For professional voice actors, commercial voice work often requires portraying people and characters with whom you have very little in common with when it comes to personality, experiences, and background. For example, I’ve been the voice of Morgan Freeman on the Tonight Show, a nature documentarian and relaxed snow monkey in a Bachmann’s Pools & Spas spot, and a variety of characters in this History Channel promo. In real life, though, I’m a middle-aged dad type dude. So, when I was cast in Old El Paso’s new nationwide TV spot, I was pretty excited to get to be myself. So to speak.

In case it isn’t clear from the commercial, I play the embarrassing father character, a role I’m very familiar with.

If you need a voice actor for your next TV commercial, radio spots, or promotional piece, I’m ready to be who you need me to be! Contact me today and we’ll get started on the details.