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Celebrity Soundalike Project

I’ve recently begun producing a daily project that showcases my range in impersonating voices. Each weekday, I’ll be posting celebrity soundalike pieces called “Real Facts from Fake Celebrities”. They’re short, hopefully amusing or educational, and they’re all linked to the tag, Real Facts from Fake Celebrities, so they can be found in one place.


Because I’m using this project to showcase those soundalike voices that I’m already practiced in, as well as brand new vocal impressions I’ve never attempted before, I hope you’ll enjoy the spirit of the project as much as the content. I’m just jumping into the booth and doing the thing every single day!

If you have any suggestions for a celebrity or public figure whose voice you’d like me to showcase, or if you have a topic you’d like to hear real facts about, you may contact me through my website to get started.

Likewise, if you have a project in the works and you’re in need of a voice that properly fits it, I’d love the opportunity to discuss the particulars and audition for it.