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25 NEW Episodes of Christopher Walkenthrough are Coming

It was over four years ago that the very first episode of the hit YouTube series “Christopher Walkenthrough” was released in cooperation with YouTube content providers, Game Society Pimps.  The show’s title was a pun-in-cheek reference to video game walk-through videos (which had become quite popular) with the additional premise that quirky actor Christopher Walken (an impersonation provided by me) would be narrating his own game play.

Within hours of the very first episode hitting the web, we knew we had struck gold.  There was virtually nobody else doing what we were doing – and our creativity/comedic voice was really representative of our personal comedy sensibilities.  After Skyrim, we tackled Fallout: New Vegas, as well as retro hits like The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario World (seen below).

After a half dozen (give or take) episodes, Game Society Pimps were contracted by content giant Machinima to create more Walkenthrough videos for their main channel.  That arrangement opened the series (and me, along with Game Society Pimps) up to tens of millions of new fans.  We evolved further, offering Morgan Freeman Storytime (one of my favorite impressions) to the canon, as well as Obama Plays! – a series in the same game play vein as Walkenthrough, but with the Commander-In-Chief at the controls.  Our “Obama Plays Titanfall” video (2.2 million views) was featured on, and it’s successor, “Obama Plays GTA 5 Online” spiked to 2.3 million views.

As I write this, the first of the 25 new episodes is being edited and prepared for premiering on Vessel.  “Batman: Arkham Knight” – coming first to Vessel, then to Machinima’s main channel!

I hope you can check the new batch of episodes – they’ll be our best yet!

And thank you for digging what I do.